Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic park #2

A long day walking around the park. All the student broke down into smaller groups and spread all around the Olympic area, including Sochi city area and Adler city area.

 Me and couple other student went over the Olympic park today. It was quite in the morning and got overcrowded closer to the evening time. One of the factors that I noticed and personally felt is the enormousity of the park, we could barely walk after making one big circle around the main Olympic circle, or in other words, around the Olympic torch field. 

Overal, it was a great day and weather was nice as well. Enjoyed it very much and looking forward to work with students in upcoming days.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympic park

Olympic park! Very beautiful place, lots of things to look at. Hopefully will explore more tomorrow.

Adler city - Black Sea

Hello friends,

We are in Adler, small city close to Sochi, about 200 meters away from Olympic village. 

City is amazing, people are nice, our students are curious, and busy as well. In general, we are all doing a great job working on our reports, projects, videos, pictures that were taken in here. More of them coming soon. :) 

Picture taken near the Black Sea berth. Amazing place, nice weather, and very very calming environment. 

Louis Olympia

Arrived to our ship,

The ship overal looks very nice, 90's style, a lot of big lounges and halls, nice restaurant, and a good service. Absolutely satisfied with everything, except that it took as long to check in and go inside...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Security check passed, waiting for boarding. Bye Indiana... for a while...

Almost on the plane...

Hey guys... Catch another update from us. :)

About to take off...

Luggagges - check!
Students - check!
Airport - check! 

Ok, waiting for the airplane to get on and start the adventure.